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Environmental activities


The apiary makes an important constribution to the preservation of nature, because more than 80 % of all flowering plants worldwide depend on the bees pollination.

Among the insects only the honey bees and the wild bees are loyal to flower. „Flowers loyality“ or „flower stands“ means that the bees respectively always return to the same type of flower or costume source, e.g. acacia flowers. Only when the nectar source dries up, they will change the type.

So the agriculture especially the fruit and seed growing, is dependent on beekeeping.

Also the income of self-fertile plants, such as rape, increases by 20-30 % through the pollination of bees.

The profit of all fruits and seeds is ten times higher than the value of the honey crop.

Beekeeping is active environmential protection – on global scale!

Beekeeping is living with nature - not against it!

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