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HonigAcacia honey:
Liquid, very light to yellowish, very gentle and mild, almost neutral, clear and light aroma, perfect for sweetening dishes and beverages of all kinds.

Origin: Germany, Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria, Poland, and China.

Harvesting time: May, June

Eucalytus honey:
Liquid or fine creamy, dark yellow to light brown, spicy, characteristic aroma, suitable for all savoury dishes, for grilling and ideal for baking gingerbread.

Origin: Brazil, Uruguay, Australia, India, Italy, and Spain.

Harvesting time: February, March, and April.

Heather honey:
ILiquid, golden brown or reddish brown to amber coloured, strong, honey aroma of its own with slightly tangy, earthy note; this honey belongs to the rarities.

Origin: France, Spain, Norway, Scotland, Poland, and New Zealand.
Harvesting time: August, September.   


Chestnut honey:
Liquid, amber to dark brown in colour, strong, tangy aroma, possibility with a slightly bitter after-taste, cooling, popular honey specialty, for anyone wanting something special from a forest honey.

Origin: France, Italy, and Slovenia.

Harvesting time: August, September.

Cover honey:
Liquid or fine creamy, white to light yellow, mild, pleasant, sweet aroma with a fruity acidic note, all-rounder honey, suitable for sweetening beverages, fruit, etc, also ideal for baking.

Origin: Argentina, New Zealand, ( Canada, USA).

Harvesting time: January, February (June, July).

Lavender honey:
Fine creamy, light yellow to slightly brown, flowery, pleasant, well balanced and rounded, very fine honey aroma, extraordinary honey specialty for honey fans.

Origin: France, Spain.

Harvesting time: August, September.

Linden honey (lime tree):
Fine creamy or liquid, light yellow, mild flowery aroma, normally with a slight aftertaste resembling that of medicinal herbs, popular honey specialty with healthy properties.

Origin: Germany, Rumania, Bulgaria.

Harvesting time: June, July.

Manuka honey:
Liquid, reddish brown to brown, strong, typical, intensive and slightly tangy aroma, popular specialty honey, with scientifically confirmed healing properties.

Origin: New Zealand.

Harvesting time: March.

Rape honey:
Fine creamy, white/yellow to pale yellow, gentle, mild honey aroma with slightly fruity/flowery note, ideal for sweetening tea, can be used for anything fruity and for cakes/pastries.

Origin: Germany, Czech Republic, Rumania, France, Poland, China, and India.

Harvesting time: April, May.

Sunflower honey:
Liquid or fine creamy, sunny yellow, well balanced aroma with slightly fruity, acidic aftertaste, ideal for sweetening and baking.

Origin: Rumania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Argentina.

Harvesting time: July, August.

Fir tree honey:
Liquid, greenish brown to dark brown, has its own very intensive honey aroma with a slightly resinous note, cooling and full of elegance, a very popular specialty honey.

Origin: Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Poland.

Harvesting time: August, September.

Thyme honey:
Liquid, amber-coloured, intensive aroma, typical, distinctive herbal note, popular specialty honey with healthy properties.

Origin: New Zealand (Spain, Greece).

Harvesting time: March.

Forest honey:
Liquid, amber-coloured to dark brown, strong, cooling forest aroma with slightly resinous, warm note, popular specialty honey, suitable for rounding off strong, independent products and smoked goods.

Origin: Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Rumania, Bulgaria, Spain, ( Brazil, Chile, New Zealand).

Harvesting time: July, August, September, (March).

Wild blossom honey:
Liquid or fine creamy, light yellow to golden yellow, balanced and mildly aromatic with typical honey taste, a true ‘jack of all trades’ for sweetening and baking.

Origin: Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, and India.

Harvesting time: January, February.    


Do you have special wishes or are you looking for a specific type of honey? We would be pleased to put together a batch just for you.

Please feel free to contact us.

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