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Comb honey:
Comb honey is honey in its original form, the way the bee stored it and sealed it in the comb cells as food for the winter. For all gourmets, this is the best way to enjoy honey.

Bee pollen:
Pollen from blossoms represents the source of protein and minerals for bees, as it contains a rich supply of important components. The unique composition of the blossom pollen also makes it interesting as food for humans, e.g. as a tonic.

Honey mead is an alcoholic delicacy; it was not only extremely popular with our ancestors, but people still like to drink today. Mead is especially popular as a type of dessert wine.

Pure beeswax is an important raw material, which is not only preferred to manufacture high grade candles, but is also used widely in cosmetics or in wood refining.

Propolis is the sealing resin from trees; bees gather it to line and disinfect their beehives. It is considered to be the most natural antibiotic and is used in homeopathy in countless tinctures.

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